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Although an independent nation, Antigua and Barbuda remain part of the British Commonwealth, and education on both islands is based upon the British system where school is compulsory and free for children between the ages of 5-16.

However, when hurricane Irma hit in September 2017, it damaged or destroyed the island’s schools, forcing the education system on Barbuda to start over. Barbuda Ocean Club quickly volunteered to use its resources and expertise to help the community rebuild.

"The Club is committed to help rebuild the local education system and invest $1 million.”

The Club committed to help rebuild the local education system and invest $1 million in initiatives to support Barbuda’s youth and local educators. Among other things, these investments provide free ongoing Wi-Fi service to the local primary school using the new hurricane hardened telecommunications infrastructure the Club is building on the island. This will give the Barbuda school system access to web-based literacy programs for children and continuing education and training programs for teachers.


Barbuda Ocean Club also is helping to:

  • Develop job opportunities and educational programs for those with special needs
  • Create a comprehensive vocational education program to provide students with marketable job skills, including an intern program for Sir Chesney Secondary School
  • Support Holy Trinity’s music program by funding teachers, equipment, and operational costs for more than 100 students each year
  • Give back-to-school packs for preschool, primary, and secondary school students
  • Provide online reading software for Codrington primary schools
  • Put on teacher appreciation days to recognize local teachers for their meaningful contributions with fun and relaxation at Coco Point
  • Develop a comprehensive approach to attracting accomplished teachers and educators to the island
  • Sponsor educational programs to air on the Barbuda Channel for the Holy Trinity Primary School
  • Establish a scholarship program to help aspiring learners pursue advanced educational opportunities such as online courses/certificates, higher education, and vocational training at the Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Continuing Education

The Club’s goal is to support the local community in creating a modern education and training system that will attract top educators and unlock the potential for its people to achieve their dreams.

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