Inspiring entrepreneurs

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Locally owned and operated businesses not only generate jobs and contribute to the economy, but they can also be a source of civic pride. Barbuda is an excellent example of this. The island is rich with talented and industrious residents, many of whom have either started and are operating successful businesses, or they are eager to do so.

Barbuda Ocean Club is committed to supporting these entrepreneurs, creating new opportunities for others on the island, and contributing to Barbuda’s sense of place and pride. We are doing this, in part, through a microloan program that we launched in 2021 with the goal of assisting five to 10 local businesses every year.

“Our microloan program is helping local entrepreneurs across an array of different kinds of businesses.”

In addition to providing financial resources, the Club is working to empower entrepreneurs through mentoring programs, workshops on business management, and by providing opportunities for them to interact with others who have built thriving businesses.

Our first round of investments totaled $40,000 and is helping the following local businesses:

  • A company that makes natural bug repellents
  • An electrical supply
  • An auto supply
  • A poultry farm
  • A bakery

Going forward, we intend to support these businesses by being loyal customers and boosters. Over the long run, we hope this program contributes to a business climate that encourages Barbudans who have moved off island to return home and create even greater economic opportunities.

While we started this program to support and inspire entrepreneurs, over the past several months, they have been an inspiration to us. Many have overcome challenges on the way to building better lives for themselves and their families. Through determination, creativity, and savvy, they are also contributing to something even greater for the entire island community.

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