Safe drinking water for all Barbudans

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When thinking of Barbuda, many envision swimming in the pristine ocean water -- sparkling, clear, and blue. While the ocean is a magnificent sight, it may surprise you to learn freshwater, for drinking and everyday use, has been a longstanding problem on the island. But it’s one that Barbuda Ocean Club is committed to solving.

For decades, sand mining has threatened the island’s natural aquifer. Not only has it damaged the environment, but the removal of sand exposed the aquifer, an otherwise excellent source of water for the community, to possible contaminants.

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Most residents source their water from wells and by capturing rainwater in cisterns. However, due to damaged infrastructure and a compromised aquifer, fresh water hasn’t been reliable.

Barbuda Ocean Club commissioned an exhaustive study into ways they can help improve the water for residents, and we have invested in several initiatives designed to help our neighbors in the immediate term and over the long run.

"The Club co-funded and managed the installation of a storage tank that can provide a 3-day water support for the entire island."

For example, we co-funded and managed the installation of a storage tank that can provide a three-day supply of fresh water for the entire population. The tank increases the island’s freshwater capacity from 4,000 to 150,000 gallons, providing all Barbudans with more reliable access to clean, fresh water. In the process, we trained four locals to manage the water system.

We are also arranging and financing community water drives to help more residents obtain access to safe drinking water.

As part of the Barbuda Ocean Club project, we have installed state-of-the-art water desalination and purification technology, and we will use it to help ensure access to safe, fresh drinking water for all Barbudans.

We take steps like these because we see the Barbuda Ocean Club as an integral part of the local community and culture, not an island unto itself. This is why we are so passionate about improving the environment, opportunities, and quality of life for all Barbudans.

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