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Community Initiatives

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From the outset, Barbuda Ocean Club has been dedicated to using its resources and talents to support a rich, vibrant, and prosperous community for all Barbudans. Following the devastation of Hurricane Irma, this commitment was redoubled, and our goals redefined.

Our Commitment

Barbuda Ocean Club has developed five pillars to guide its initiatives within the broader Barbuda community. These pillars will assist in the rebuilding of Barbuda and establishing a prosperous, resilient and sustainable future for all. We touch on these below, but we invite you to learn more by reviewing our Community Initiatives Brochure.

Community Initatives Brochure


Our environmental efforts are in conjunction with the work being done by the Barbuda people to enhance the island’s resiliency and foster sustainability with regards to ecosystem restoration and preservation, as well as food security, storm recovery, waste management, and utilities delivery. In support of this, Barbuda Ocean Club is currently restoring the protective dunes along miles of the Palmetto Peninsula, while spearheading a locally run sea turtle monitoring program that participates in the international WIDECAST effort. Other efforts supported by the Club include wetland development, reef restoration and native plant salvage and propagation. To directly benefit the island community, we recently assisted in the installation of a 150,000-gallon water storage take, dramatically increasing access to reliable, fresh water for all Barbudans.

Culture & Heritage

We are lending financial support, manpower and expertise to assist in rebuilding important social spaces, cultural sites, recreation venues and arts programs on Barbuda. A current focus is to assist in the restoration of culturally significant facilities, such as the Coronation Park Racetrack in Codrington. The Club has also sponsored important cultural celebrations such as the Caribana festival and the annual Christmas celebration for Barbuda’s children. These efforts will help ensure Barbuda’s distinctive culture thrives for generations to come.


Our teams are lending a hand, helping local authorities to stabilize the healthcare system on Barbuda. For example, immediately following Hurricane Irma, Barbuda Ocean Club donated a mobile medical facility to the island’s Hannah Thomas Hospital. A mobile mortuary facility followed soon after. The Club now is working to help the hospital secure necessary laboratory facilities and equipment. Additionally, Barbuda Ocean Club also plans to assist in the restoration of the Wellness Center in the heart of Codrington to provide necessary out-patient services and relieve patient volume at Hannah Thomas Hospital.


The Club is cooperating with locally owned businesses on Barbuda providing financial, material and knowledge-based support. The Club also has formalized its micro-loan program with a goal of assisting five to ten locally owned businesses annually. Finally, the Club intends to empower small businesses through networking, seminars, and workshops on business management, as well as helping to development a mentorship program for entrepreneurs, providing prospective business owners the opportunity to interact with other locals of similar backgrounds, education and resources who have built thriving businesses.

Education & Training

Barbuda Ocean Club is working to provide local educators with the necessary equipment, resources, and programs to help everyone on Barbuda flourish. A top priority is securing quality Wi-Fi for the school. This will enable the Barbuda school system to access premier global resources, such as a cutting-edge, web-based literacy program, as well as continuing-education and training programs for teachers. Additionally, Barbuda Ocean Club intends to work with the school to develop job opportunities and educational programs for those with special needs. We also will help the school develop a comprehensive vocational education program to provide students with marketable job skills.

Putting It Together

We are excited about this amazing opportunity to work with the people of Barbuda to help restore and preserve their island home. This endeavor will not only enrich the lives of our neighbors, but create a sense of meaning and purpose within our BOC team. While we are in the early stages of this long-term endeavor, the little wins we have experienced to date have only strengthened our commitment to seeing it through.

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