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There may be better-known kiteboarding locations in the world, but that’s just how we like it here in Barbuda.

Your Private Paradise

Here, you won’t find dozens of kites in the air; crowded, bustling beaches; or choppy waters with riders in every direction. Instead, you’ll find your own private kiting paradise—a world-class expansive island setting with consistent easterly tradewinds over the crisp, clean Caribbean Sea, surrounded by Barbuda’s stunning raw natural beauty.

The Perfect Setting

While there’s never a bad time to visit Barbuda, preferred kiting season runs from November to May when kiting conditions are perfect with both air and water temperatures averaging over 80°F/27°C and steady tradewinds between 15 – 25 knots. On the few occasions when the wind dies down, our collection of e-foils and e-surfboards are fully charged and standing by.

Favorite Spots

Barbuda offers every type of kiting spot imaginable, from capes, coves, and lagoons to reefs, points and bays. Then, you’ve got the water. It ranges from crystalline aquamarine to the deepest blue you’ve ever seen. We have locations ideal for freestylers, foilers, and first-timers. No matter your skill level, you’ll never find more consistency or diversity anywhere in the world.

A Personal Touch

Our team is made of world-class water enthusiasts and instructors from all over the globe. They’re here to make sure all the details are covered, with boat and jet ski support, safety equipment, and the latest kiting gear. For those just learning, every lesson is personally tailored to your abilities with a private instructor dedicated to each rider; you can go from zero to hero over the course of your stay.

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