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Barbuda is not a place where you rush. It has its own rhythm, a slower more relaxed pace, allowing you to leave everyday life behind and reconnect with family, friends and the natural world.

Relaxed Luxury

Barbuda Ocean Club is designed to offer a relaxed sense of community, providing fun, healthy, safe and active spaces for members and their families to create unforgettable memories. Our friendly Experience, Residential and Outdoor Pursuits teams are here so that you can spend your time just how you like, sharing it with the people who matter most to you. And, that’s the real beauty of Barbuda.

An Heirloom Community

Barbuda Ocean Club is intended as a gathering place for families and friends of all ages. With Discovery’s signature vertical membership, full access to the club and community is extended beyond the owners to their parents, kids, and grandkids and eventually passed down to future generations. Such flexibility gives your family members the opportunity to grow up in the club, creating lifelong friendships, establishing traditions, and strengthening bonds. All of these cherished experiences will become memories woven into the story of your ongoing legacy.

A tranquil setting

Drift from pool to pool or let the adventure and beauty of the natural landscape draw you in; the Barbuda community caters to every member of the family, offering unique and personalized experiences and world-class amenities.

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