Whatever you’re pursuing, rest, relaxation, recreation or adventure, Life Pursuits will help you find it. This includes Outdoor Pursuits, which is Discovery Land Company’s signature family recreational program. It is designed to help you create memories by exploring the natural environment and sharing all the adventures the local area has to offer. Life Pursuits also includes overall wellness, nutrition, fitness and medical services. It is through these shared experiences you can build a strong mind and body and stronger bonds among friends and family.


Start the morning with a group paddle or yoga on the beach, and then try your hand at the art of kitesurfing. Leisurely snorkel along the nearby reefs or dive through historic shipwrecks. Or simply relax on the beach and enjoy your time with friends and family. You can browse the endless options in our custom Field Guide for Barbuda experiences. Whichever you choose, the Outdoor Pursuits team will help you plan your adventure and enjoy it in complete comfort and safety.


Codrington Lagoon National Park protects a vast estuary that supports one of the world’s largest colonies of frigate birds. More than 100,000 roost amidst the mangroves. Watching the interactions among these jet-black birds with striking red throat pouches is a must-do for every visitor to Barbuda.


Just minutes from your doorstep, Barbuda’s beaches are nesting place for three sea turtle species. Imagine joining Discovery’s sea turtle program to watch tiny turtles emerging from the sand and scampering to the ocean to begin their new life at sea.


On the wilder east side of Barbuda’s coast, experience the adventure of hiking across a pavement of ancient coral reefs on the way to the island’s limestone caves. Enjoy one of Barbuda’s best kept secrets as a guide leads you through rock galleries carved with green and pink mineral formations.


For the younger members of Barbuda Ocean Club, a collection of parks and planned open spaces will provide sports fields; courts for basketball, tennis and pickleball; multiple playgrounds; and their own comfort stations with family-friendly snacks and treats. Additionally, a Kid’s Club and Eco Center will help teach families how to preserve and care for the precious Barbuda environment.


Barbuda and Antigua are a kitesurfer’s paradise. Barbuda Ocean Club watermen are experts in all ocean-related activities, but they specialize in kiting. The uncrowded, long sandy beaches, reliable winds and smooth turquoise water create consistently perfect conditions. Whether a beginner or an expert – you’ll never forget the experience of riding the wind.