Community Commitment


Discovery Land Company’s vision for Barbuda Ocean Club includes preserving the island’s rich heritage and natural environment, as well as fostering sustainability for generations to come. We believe that environmental, economic and community well-being go together. Discovery is committed to working with the local government and community leaders to assist in the nation’s rebuilding.


Aligning with nature is Discovery’s core philosophy. Barbuda Ocean Club is working with the local government to restore the dune ecosystem to protect against future storms and sea-level rise. Other environmental initiatives include a native plant nursery, sea turtle protection and the enhancement of natural resources, such as fisheries.


Barbuda Ocean Club is currently exploring all renewable energy options to ensure the development on Barbuda eventually is pollution free. A solar field is planned following initial development to provide one such source of renewable energy.


The project will offer its support to the Barbuda Council environmental initiatives, including conducting a sea turtle monitoring program which began in June, restoring native species, and participating in the conservation and management of Codrington Lagoon National Park.


Over the next several months, Barbuda Ocean Club and its partners will provide more than 100 jobs to local Barbuda citizens. This number will increase tremendously as the project matures. Long term it is projected the community and club could provide up to 1,500 jobs for local residents.


Additionally, Barbuda Ocean Club will implement programs and systems to promote local economic growth, including job skills training and a small-business incubator program to support the development of locally owned businesses.


Barbuda Ocean Club is providing funds and support to rebuild the local hospital. A temporary clinic is operating on the island to provide interim services for the local community.


Funds also have been committed to rebuild and improve the local school. Our goal is to establish a world-class school on Barbuda for the long-term benefit of the island.