The real estate offering at Barbuda Ocean Club will be distinctive, employing a fresh Caribbean architectural style which incorporates native materials and expansive windows with careful consideration to view corridors. It will blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a seamless, luxurious living environment. Each residential area will be woven together to create access to the natural surroundings, paired amenities, views, club uses and the sea-to-land connections.


Whether you choose a custom homesite, a finished two- to five-bedroom luxury home or an artful beach cottage or suite, life in the Pink Sands Surf Club neighborhood is a cocktail of casual, adventurous, relaxing and invigorating.

The crystal blue water gently kissing the soft pink sand is intoxicating. Race down the face of a wave and outrun the curl, float face down surrounded by exotic aquamarine life, or simply relax in your hammock and absorb the sounds and smells of the Caribbean. When the mood strikes, train with a personal coach and cool off in the beachside pool.

Spend mid-day sampling the fruits and veggies delivered directly from our farm to your table or the day’s fresh catch straight from the sea. Just don’t miss the pastel masterpiece of sunset at the Surf Shack with your toes nestled in the pink sand, a cool drink in your hand and family and friends at your side.


Grab a board. Learn to soar on the gentle winds across the warm Caribbean on a kiteboard. Take the slower lane with a standup paddleboard and navigate the pink coral sands along the enchanting coastline. Casually explore the vibrant island reefs in your sea kayak. Or simply hang with kids of all ages and explore the pillow-soft, white sand beaches that seem to mark the very edge of civilization. All of these are mere steps from your front door in Coco Point Beach Village. Estate homesites and a wide selection of luxury homes, ranging in size from two to six bedrooms are thoughtfully designed and positioned to assure convenient access to the Beach Club amenities, the sea- and farm-to-table culinary experiences and the thrilling outdoor pursuits of Coco Point.