A Healthier Life For Our Neighbors

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Regardless of where an individual lives or his or her economic status, everyone should have access to essential healthcare services. For more than a century, sadly, this has not been the case on Barbuda.

Prior to September 2017, the island’s healthcare facilities were centered at Hannah Thomas Hospital. The medical complex lacked comprehensive laboratory services and surgery/operating facilities to meet the needs of the community. While the staff was exceptionally dedicated and caring, the hospital could handle only minor issues due to a lack of basic services and infrastructure. Patients with moderate or serious medical needs were transported to Antigua.

Then hurricane Irma hit, tearing off approximately 85% of the hospital’s roof. The building lost power and water, and much of the rest of the structure was severely damaged. The island’s modest healthcare system was gone.

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Barbuda Ocean Club immediately committed resources to assist with emergency relief. The Club provided a fully equipped mobile clinic to deliver emergency care for survivors of the storm and a mortuary for the deceased. The Club donated 500 hospital beds for Barbudans who had been evacuated to Antigua and were living in shelters.

"Barbuda Ocean Club supported programs that resulted in more than 50% of the local Barbuda population receiving the COVID-19 vaccine."

In the years following Irma, in coordination with local authorities, Barbuda Ocean Club has made a variety of investments to improve healthcare on the island over the long term. For example, the Club helped support the island’s efforts to build modern healthcare facilities and reconstruct the hospital. And, it is helping to fund the purchase of medical equipment, such as automatic defibrillators, and medical training for local staff. The Club has assisted with the medical evacuation of several residents with serious conditions by air and ferry. Recently, Barbuda Ocean Club supported programs that resulted in more than 50% of the local Barbuda population receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Barbuda Ocean Club is dedicated to supporting its neighbors, particularly during such challenging times. And the entire team is passionate about continuing to improve healthcare on the island to create a healthier life for their neighbors, friends, coworkers, and families.

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