Water World


Naturally, life in Barbuda celebrates the ocean and those seminal places where the sea and land connect. To make this celebration a part of everyday life, Barbuda Ocean Club offers multiple private beach club villages along its miles of coastline. These include the Sunset Shores, Coco Point and Pink Sand Beach. Each one offers distinctly Barbuda experiences where you can hang with the finest watermen and kiteboarders on the island at The Board Room, relax in the Barbudaful Spa and indulge in the finest products from Paul Mitchell, swap stories at sunset with a cold drink at Bar Buda or stop by the sail making shop. Every experience is a new adventure.


Coco Landing is our stylish beachfront, tented village where you can explore the future of Barbuda Ocean Club while playing in the soft sand and turquoise water. Highlights include a world-class waterman program with the finest kiteboarding in the Atlantic, casual beachfront dining, handcrafted cocktails, a Caribbean-inspired fitness facility and spa, and luxurious safari-styled accommodations.


The beach clubs will be hubs of activity for members and their families. At the heart of their neighborhoods, the beach clubs will be the place where you go for your morning workout, or afternoon massage. They also are where you can learn more about building a healthy lifestyle, and discovering your favorite new outdoor passions. Many will even have swimming pools, parks, sports fields and courts to help bring friends together.


The chance to discover new and exciting experiences is abundant at Barbuda Ocean Club, including sharing a simple meal with family and friends at the Beach Club. A chalkboard menu changes daily to capture the freshest fare from the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the deep blue Atlantic, accompanied by local and authentically Barbudan fruits and vegetables from the organic community farm. Even the sights and sounds of the café itself will vary to add surprise and delight to each distinctive culinary experience.


Within this beautiful natural environment, members will have an unparalleled opportunity to grow, learn and explore while honing their best self. Towards this goal, Barbuda Ocean Club’s wellness centers will combine fitness, medical services, life coaching and spiritual enhancement to help members care for body, mind and spirit.